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Do you suffer from golf-related pain, discomfort or overuse injuries?

Contact us.

Enhancing your visual and visualisation skills can certainly increase your level of game.

Physical restrictions create barriers that technique & skills cannot cross.

Free your body, free your swing.

"The Effects of Manual Osteopathic Techniques on the Immediate Golf Swing"

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Yoga Mats

Mindful Movement & Tai Chi Therapy

-an Osteopathic approach to Golf-

Our Mindful Movement classes are very beneficial to golfers. They are the perfect complement to strengthening or rehabilitation programs. For more information on Tai Chi Therapy, please click here.

"Sound POSTURE and optimal MOBILITY are foundations on which STRENGTH and TECHNIQUE develop and unwind.
They are fundamental to performance, key to injury prevention and paramount to a healthier, safer and longer-lasting golf experience."

- Jaz Ibarra, Level 3 Certified Medical Professional - TPI


Dan Smith, founder of Birdies Crazy Golf  "put together this ultimate guide to perfecting your golf swing... packed full of hints and tips that will help you get your swing where you want it to be." He also highlights "errors that might be getting in the way of your progress, helping you to save time and focus on getting it right the first time."
To enjoy this great article click here

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