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Depending on your condition, we may suggest to include one or several of the following modalities into your session.​

  • Exercises for Breathing Functionality.

  • Joint mobilizations (spinal, hips, etc.).

  • Muscle releasing & Trigger point techniques.

  • Neuromuscular techniques such as PNF and MET, stretches and other soft-tissue techniques.​


These techniques do not cause pain when applied on healthy tissues. However, pain or discomfort may be experienced when conditions such as muscle "tightness", myofascial adhesions, restricted blood flow (ischemia), nerve compression, and tissue injury are present.


Note: Regardless of your condition, let us know if you are simply looking to have a relaxing & introspective experience. We can certainly leave the non-relaxing techniques for a following session ;)


Optional: For your own comfort, you may wear ear plugs, water shoes, a long sleeved water shirt to keep you warm, your own neck floater, etc.

Breathing Functionality

Rib Cage, Craniofacial & Visceral Osteopathic Techniques,
Aquatic Osteopathy for Breathing Functionality,
Spinal Mobilizations, Muscle-Fascia Release
Diaphragmatic Breathing, etc.

Regular & Aquatic sessions



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Breathing is one of the most influential of our actions. Optimal breathing ensures a proper distribution and exchange of O2 and CO2 within our cells, tissues, organs and systems. Furthermore, it highly influences processes such as self-regulation (homeostasis), and activates the parasympathetic nervous system.


Amongst other benefits, parasympathetic activation: 

  • enhances organ function,

  • ​reduces the effects of stress,

  • improves digestion and assimilation,

  • promotes tissue restoration and healing. 



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Our Breathing Functionality program is indicated for most people, from children to seniors, including high performance athletes. Improving Breathing Functionality is most beneficial for those looking for healing and deep relaxation. At Postureffect, we would highly recommend this therapy if you:


  • are looking for tissue restoration or healing following surgery, injury or sickness,

  • have non-contagious respiratory conditions (E.g. Cystic Fibrosis),

  • are suffering from the sequels of conditions such as Covid-19 (aka long haulers),

  • are dealing with a momentary stressful situation or have a stressful lifestyle,

  • suffer shallow breathing or restricted thoracic cage and want to improve breathing functionality,

  • are pregnant or are planning to be. 



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  • Regular "land-based" sessions are offered at the CAIN Exercise Rehab facility, at 102-740 Hillside Avenue, between Douglas and Blanshard Streets.

  • Aquatic Osteopathy services are offered at the Crystal Pool facilities, on Quadra Street. ​



Before booking an Aquatic Osteopathy session, please visit our Napraquatic Medicine webpage.

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Jaz Ibarra

Doctor of Naprapathy

BSc in Osteopathy, BFA, DMT 

Courses and Certifications in the field of Breathing Functionality:


  • Functional Breathing Screen Certification - Functional Movement Systems

  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment - Functional Movement Systems

  • Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) Techniques Addressing Respiratory Symptoms of COVID-19 - American Osteopathic Association & American Academy of Osteopathy 

  • Frontline Perspectives On Treating COVID-19 Patients Using OMM - American Osteopathic Association & American Academy of Osteopathy