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"Apart from her wonderful nature, Jazmin’s expertise in soft tissue treatments added tremendous value to my practice where I could consistently rely on her talents for post adjustment therapy. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, genuine care for the patient and dedication to the profession was a delight to work with, not to mention such a positive outlook and bright sense of humour. I highly recommend Jazmin’s skills  both individually and to any chiropractic health care professionals wishing to augment their practices for full spectrum client care."

Dr. Jeffrey Schacter, Chiropractor
Tower Chiropractic and Massage, Calgary

"I really loved the treatment I had with Postureffect Inc. Jaz was excellent in both her approach and education related to what was happening with me physically. I would definitely recommend Posture Effect for friends, family and professionally."

Jenna Howe, MOP & Neural Network Practitioner (CFHC)
Concussion Resolution, Victoria

Some words from our clients...

"Doctors have always wanted to treat my symptoms. I finally found someone who can discover and treat the cause."

"It's like a fusion of Massage Therapy, gentle Chiro and Stretching. I highly recommend it." 

"The sessions were instructive and the techniques relaxing and effective. Great for posture and back pain."

"I love Cranial Osteopathy and the gentle spine mobilisations with the rocking motion. The sessions are restoring and helpful."

"It's incredible how everything is connected. Jaz was great at explaining how one issue can lead to another seemingly unrelated one, like a cascade."

"After the session, my swing was more fluent, my chicken wing decreased and my hip and shoulders moved easier and farther. Impressive."

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