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Neuro feedback

Scalar Wave & Microcurrent

Speaking to the body in its own language with the purpose of promoting organ function, tissue regeneration, relaxation, improving pain and resolving chronic inflammation.


Brain & Craniofacial

Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Conditions treated:

 - Headaches & migraines.

 - Concussion, Traumatic Brain Injury.

 - Chronic stress, shallow breathing, poor sleep.

 - TMJ, nausea, vertigo, loss of voice.

 - Cranial Nerves: Trigeminal neuralgia, suboptimal Vagal tone.

 - Parkinson Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.



 - Scalar Wave & Micro Current Therapy.

 - Cranial Osteopathy, Fascia manipulation & Soft Tissue techniques.

Body Systems

- Fascia, Muscles, Bones, Organs, Respiratory, Lymphatic -

Conditions treated:

 - Chronic pain & reduced mobility (E.g. low back pain).

 - Musculoskeletal imbalance, muscle tightness, poor posture.

 - Scar tissue, myofascial adhesions.

 - Joint pain, spinal conditions.

 - Breathing dysfunctions, including long Covid.

 - Neuropathy: Carpal tunnel, deep gluteal syndrome, etc.

 - Parkinson's disease, lymphedema and other systemic conditions.



 - Scalar Wave & Micro Current Therapy.

 - Osteopathic & Naprapathic techniques: Joint mobilizations, Fascia,    

    Soft Tissue, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular techniques, proprioceptive 

    and interoceptive awareness, functional movement.

 - Napraquatic Medicine - AquaTherapy.

 - Mindfulness, Tai Chi Therapy, Diaphragmatic breathing.


Jaz Ibarra

Doctor of Naprapathy

BSc in Osteopathy, BFA, DMT

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