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Jaz Ibarra

Doctor of Naprapathy

BSc in Osteopathy, BFA, DMT 

Jaz Ibarra graduated from the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts (Belgium) and worked as a Sculptor, Illustrator and French and Fine Arts Teacher in Europe, Syria and Mexico for more than 15 years. As an artist, she took great delight in exploring Art Therapy as well as sculpting and illustrating the human anatomy. Eventually, she realized Manual Therapy was a wonderful fusion between art and health care, and a very efficient tool to heal, recover and feel better. After working as an RMT and Tutor/Instructor at a Massage Therapy College in Calgary, she co-created Postureffect Inc., providing health-related services such as Therapy, Instruction and Anatomical Illustration.


The resonance between her convictions and Osteopathic principles took her to obtain a BSc in Osteopathy and subsequently, a Doctor of Naprapathy degree, DN (USA). She is a pioneer in the field of Aquatic Osteopathy-Naprapathy Therapy. The subject of her Doctor degree thesis is on the application of Osteopathy-Naprapathy techniques in an aquatic environment. 

Like Chiropractic, Naprapathy find its origins in Osteopathy. The first Naprapathy Association was founded in the USA in 1907. Nowadays, Naprapathy is regulated in some States of the USA and is well established in Scandinavia, where the profession is part of the Swedish health and medical care system since 1994. Doctors of Naprapathy specialize in the treatment of Connective Tissue (including The Fascia System) and treat numerous neuromusculoskeletal disorders.


Most relevant courses and certifications:

  • Level 3 Certified Medical Professional - Titleist Performance Institute

  • SFMA 1 Certification - Functional Movement Systems

  • ELDOA for Golfers - Titleist Performance Institute

  • Functional Breathing Screen Certification - Functional Movement Systems

  • Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) Techniques Addressing Respiratory Symptoms of COVID-19 - American Osteopathic Association & American Academy of Osteopathy 

  • Frontline Perspectives On Treating COVID-19 Patients Using OMM - American Osteopathic Association & American Academy of Osteopathy 


Jaz is a natural teacher.  She is an Aquatic Osteopathy instructor and the creator of Tai Chi Therapy, an Osteopathic approach to Tai Chi. As a Tai Chi Therapy Instructor, she enjoys using her skills to help her clients and students prevent, heal, recover, feel and move better.

* Osteopathic Physicians in BC are registrants of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC (CPSBC). Jaz Ibarra is not a physician and thus, she is not a registrant of  the CPSBC.


About Sean


Sean lived the modern life of a white collar professional: sitting at a desk for prolonged hours in front of a screen in an “ergonomic” chair designed to keep people with poor posture comfortable, before heading to the gym after work, cycling, running and being a weekend warrior in one sport or another. But injury kept taking him away from the activities he loved - knee, back, shoulder and finally plantar fasciitis in both feet. Every time, the injury did more damage to his psyche especially with age related speed of recovery diminishing over time. But Sean was not one to sit back wallowing in his own self pity for long.

He began a journey of self-discovery that led to a deeper understanding of how years of bad habits set him up for physical failure but that there were tools available to us all that can correct them, including taking responsibility! But it wasn’t until he met Jazmin Ibarra that he enjoyed the most profound turn around. You see, exercising, stretching and medical aids provided by the various specialists were just scratching the surface of what is possible for posture correction and posture’s effect on the human body was far more profound than he realized.

Jazmin’s deep technical knowledge of the physical structures combined with her talent and skills for postural corrective action and treatments with a holistic approach to the needs of the modern human, resulted in a change to his own self that Sean didn’t believe was probable. The change was not just noticeable to himself, but to his friends and family resulting in constant queries of how he achieved both physical improvement and a new level of self-confidence.
There was only one thing to do: share.


Sean started Postureffect with Jazmin to share the experience of, dare I say it, “transformation”, and to instigate her dream of helping everyone change the direction of their health from the downward looking hunched profile of modern repetitive stress syndromes to the fluid moving, nimble, tall standing and forward looking human primates that we are all meant to be. It’s a dream worth pursuing for both of us.