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- and what can we do about it -

Why pain?

      Pain and dis-ease are multidimensional. Explore the following aspects and learn how several or all of them may be contributing to your pain or discomfort. Then, scroll down to find out how you can start addressing those aspects and improving your condition.


Improper posture:

  • Affects breathing and digestion.

  • Reduces core stability, movement efficiency and causes misalignment.

  • Puts excessive stress in muscles and joints, leading to PAIN. Especially at the level of the neck, shoulders and spine.


A chronic sympathetic response:

  • Affects breathing, digestion, healing and tissue restoration.

  • Contributes to poor posture.

  • Causes persistent muscle activation, fatigue and muscle exhaustion leading to muscle PAIN and tension headaches or migraines.

Screen Shot 2021-10-09 at 11_edited.png


Excessive/persistent muscle activation:

  • Is at the origin of nerve compression leading to PAIN, neuralgia & atrophy.

  • Contributes to muscle exhaustion, reduced mobility and myofascial PAIN.


Shallow breathing stimulates our sympathetic response, which at its turn:

  • Affects organ function, digestion and increases blood pressure.

  • Contributes to hypertonicity, muscle exhaustion and muscle PAIN.

  • Hinders our ability to maintain a peaceful state of mind.

  • Slows the healing processes.


Acute injury can certainly be at the origin of PAIN. However, in my practice it is far more common to see OVERUSE or REPETITIVE STRESS/STRAIN injuries, mostly caused by: 

  • Poor posture.

  • A "sedentary + weekend warrior" lifestyle.

  • Repetitive movement (work or hobbies).

  • Awkward or improper position, while exercising or performing certain tasks.

  • Inappropriate sport practice or recreational activity. 


Food sensitivities or allergies can be at the origin of, or contribute to:​

  • Muscle hypertonicity or spasm at the level of the abdomen and deep hip flexors, contributing to low back PAIN.

  • Local and systemic inflammation, leading to joint and muscle PAIN.

  • Suboptimal digestion and absorption, which affects our ability to heal.

Reducing Negatives Vs Adding Positives

With health and healing, reducing negatives tends to have a more significant impact than simply adding positives (Forward head posture is a negative, Manual Therapy is a positive).
This explains why poor posture, breathing, stress, repetitive stress/strain injuries and diet
need to be addressed and improved in conjunction with Manual Therapy.


  • POSTURE: Practice your posture and muscle releasing routines as if your healing and recovery depended on it, because it does.

  • STRESS: Practice diaphragmatic breathing, Tai Chi Therapy, muscle releasing, mindful movement, meditation and "mind fasting" routines, in addition to any other practices that you find enjoyable and promote body awareness and mindfulness.

  • HYPERTONICITY: Release, self-massage and self-cup the most affected areas, as instructed in your program. Hint: After your session, keep warm (especially the neck, shoulders and back). Even during the summer season the wind can cause our warm and relaxed muscles to contract or spasm. Do your best to reduce your stress response and improve posture and breathing.

  • BREATHING: Practice your diaphragmatic routines on a regular basis, release the "shallow breathing muscles" and be mindful of your posture.

  • DIET: Pay close attention to your diet. Is there a link between your pain and what you have been eating in the last 24 hours? Do your best to adapt your diet to your body requirements.

  • REPETITIVE STRESS/STRAIN INJURY: More often it is not so much what you do, but how you do it. Life is not perfect, but whenever it is possible, position and move purposefully, mindfully and meaningfully, because everything is consequential. Little hint: Integrate your Home Routines into your daily activities, rather than having to stop your activities to do your Home Routines.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me via email. Often, it is possible to clarify your questions via email, without the need of booking a session.

Last but not least:

May The Thread be with you all the time.

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