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Tai Chi
The Foundations II

Watch our Prerequisite video PRIOR to
starting your Tai Chi Therapy home practice


Step I - Prior to starting

  • Practice the following routine:

    • "The Thread with a diaphragmatic breathing" in a standing position

    • "The Thread with single leg stance". Feet shoulder width apart, then shift your weight to one leg and stand tall, very tall.

    • "Writing the alphabet" with the non-weight bearing foot (more specifically with the heel) while practicing "The Thread with single leg stance"

Step II - Warm up

IMPORTANT: First practice these exercises on a seated position. When standing, focus on the quality of the form, maintain "The Thread" at all times.

  • "Tiger's Mouth":

    • Growl-relax-growl... The tiger's growl contributes to the stabilization of the body structures by activating our postural muscles. Can you feel it helps you ground into the floor? From a biomechanics perspective, efficient movement is rooted in stability. From a Tai Chi perspective, stillness is the master of motion. Same thing, just different terms, don't you think so?

  • "Holding the Ball"

    • feel the ball, slide your hands around its surface and find a comfortable size and position 

    • hold the ball in one hand. Move the ball forward, while the other hand “opens” to the side (try different levels), alternate sides

    • hold the ball in one hand and move the ball to the side. Throw the ball and catch it with the other hand (if possible, follow the "trajectory" of the ball with your eyes)

  • "Pulling the Rope": 

    • hold an imaginary, thick cable or rope (in front), pull the rope with one hand towards the side of the body, alternate sides

    • throw the rope to the right, hold a new cable coming from the left, “pull and let go” (sideways movement)


Step III - Tai Chi moves

IMPORTANT: Maintain internal unity during the following exercises. Internal unity contributes to stability and helps prevent strain/injury at the level of the lumbar spine (low back). Remember, rotation during the Tai Chi moves mostly comes from the hip joints.​​​

  • Practice the following moves. If you have challenges with balance, increase the "growling" and focus on maintaining "The Thread with a diaphragmatic breathing":​

    • "Hip rotation with internal unity" alternating sides. Maintain "internal unity"

    • “Tai Chi Walk + Kicking” alternating sides. Maintain "internal unity"

    • Brush Knee” (“The Pie on the Face”) alternating sides. Maintain "internal unity"

    • Ward Off Monkey” alternating sides. Maintain "internal unity"

    • Parting Wild Horse's Mane” alternating sides. Maintain "internal unity"

    • Move Hands Like Clouds”. Maintain "internal unity"


Step III - some Tai Chi moves


"Back-and-Fourth" moves

This is a great way to practice the moves on a continuous way.

   1) “Parting Wild Horse's Mane

   2) “Ward Off Monkey

   3) “Brush Knee

   4) “Prepare for Single Whip” + “Single Whip

   5) “Move Hands Like Clouds

One Move - In depth

If you are having troubles understanding or analyzing a particular move, let us know, we will be happy to add it to this section. 

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