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Reinforce more appropriate posture and movement habits by incorporating Home Routines and other healthy/therapeutic exercises into your daily activities.

The key word is consistency.

Options for busy lives

NOTE: To know more about Releasing and Stretching techniques, please click on "Releasing vs Stretching".

Mindful ideas

Mindful baking

  • If you are right-handed try kneading the dough with your left hand. This fun challenge helps improve musculoskeletal balance and alignment.

  • While kneading the dough and washing the dishes: be mindful of your posture, try to lessen any excessive curvature of the spine (The Thread). Look down instead of hunching.

  • While the dough is raising you can practice a releasing routine, some awareness exercises, mindful breathing, Tai Chi moves...

I have NO time

No worries! You just have to incorporate some Home Routines into whatever activity you are doing at this moment. For example:

  • Practice The Thread (seated) when you are working at your desk.

  • Practice the Neck-Pecs release when you are looking at the computer or waiting for the light to turn green.

  • Practice The Thread and activate "The J" when you are in line at a grocery store, walking, going up/down stairs or in the kitchen.

  • Release muscle knots when talking on the phone, watching TV, cooking or waiting for your food to be warmed up in the microwave.

  • Observe your body every time you pass by a reflecting surface. Are your shoulders shrugged/misaligned or is your head forward?


I have less than 2 minutes

  • Short muscle release routine followed by a few dynamic stretches. Focus on a single area (e.g. forearms, neck-pecs, hip flexors or calves)


  • Hang from a chin up bar for as long as you can, allowing the toes to touch the floor. Relax and let your body sink (drop lower) with every breathe.


  • Practice The Thread routine with a diaphragmatic breathing in a standing position.  


I have 5 to 10 minutes

  • Enjoy a longer muscle release followed by dynamic stretches. Focus on releasing as many muscle knots as possible in a specific area.


  • Activate The Thread (while seated). Continue holding The Thread as you stand, go to the washroom, get a coffee, drink water, check the phone or talk to your colleagues. Nurture healthier posture habits.


  • Practice The Thread routine in a standing position. As you hold The Thread, do your "ABC". Favour your weaker side.

Woman by the Stairs

I have 15 to 20 minutes

  • Release muscle knots on Iliopsoas  and lower limbs. Then, go for a short "tall walk" around the neighbourhood or if you prefer, go up and down stairs. Don't forget to activate your glutes, even more so at the end of each stride.


  • Select an area of your body. Release any tightness/muscle knots. Then, warm up joints and muscles by moving gently and repetitively and by doing some dynamic stretches. Finally, cool-down.


  • You may add some resistance exercises after your warm-up (e.g. slight weight or Thera band). In this case, do not forget to add some light static stretches to the cool down routine.


I have 30 to 45 minutes

  • Great! You may practice the previous routine in a more thorough manner. You may focus on more than one area of your body.


  • Practice your favourite routine (Yoga, Tai Chi, jogging, barre, etc.)

NOTE: In any case, do not forget to follow the steps:

  1. Warm-up (include releases and dynamic stretches).

  2. Workout (any moderate/intense physical activity or sport routine).

  3. Cool down (include static stretches).


I have more than 2 hours

  • Fantastic! Why not combine a picnic with hiking or cycling?


  • How about a mindful baking experience? Practice The Thread and move purposefully while preparing, cooking and cleaning the kitchen. Then work on your favourite routine while your cookies, bread or dish are baking. Don't forget to sit mindfully while enjoying your freshly baked food!


  • Visit a neighbour city or village. Remain mindful of your posture and movements at all times. Release muscle knots, activate The Thread or do a few Tai Chi moves in between shops, when relaxing at a park or while enjoying the views.

When working at your desk...

  • Sit mindfully (see MINDFUL SITTING) and practice your diaphragmatic breathing (see MINDFUL BREATHING).

  • For as long as you can, ignore the back of your chair and continue softening any excessive spinal curvature (use The Thread).

  • Look down instead of hunching over.

  • Make sure your screen is not too high, your keyboard too far forward or your chair too low. These conditions contribute to tension headaches and pecs hypertonicity (aka tightnes.

  • Set up an alarm. Take a break every 20-30 minutes to go to the kitchen and drink some water. Then, on your way back, hang from your chin-up bar and release any muscle tension (see Neck-Pecs release).

  • Once you are back at your station, remember to sit mindfully and practice your diaphragmatic breathing.

Mindful walk

  • Practice "The Thread" exercise while walking. This will help you align your body and maintain your shoulders relaxed and down.

  • Try to soften any excessive curvature of the spine. Look down instead of hunching over.

  • Focus on exhibiting longer strides. Activating your gluts at the end of the stride will help with this task.

  • Activating the deep abdominals and the muscles of your pelvic floor will help with spine stabilization and body alignment.

  • Finally, try some diaphragmatic breathing.

  • Check for asymmetric behaviours. Is one arm swinging more than the other? Is one foot "flaring out" (aka external tibial or hip rotation)? Do your hip flexors or other muscles feel "tighter" on one side? Just be aware. Breathe. Give your body permission to try different patterns of movement. See if there is some that allow for more symmetry.

NOTE: Feel your body structures moving, stretching, activating... coordinating their actions to create stability, balance and a more functional movement. Focus on your diaphragmatic breathing to allow for a better sense of relaxation and flow. Your daily walk can become a moving meditation. Enjoy!

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