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What is Biomagnetism Therapy?

Biomagnetism is the interaction of living organisms with magnetic fields. Biomagnetism Therapy is based on the application of Static Magnetic Fields (magnets) on very specific areas of the body for the purpose of enhancing body functionality.

How does a Biomagnetism Therapist know where to place the magnets?

During a Biomagnetism Therapy session, magnets are placed on different parts of the body. The amount of magnets and their position are determined by a physiological response of the patient's body (e.g. a functional leg length discrepancy).

When a strong magnet (>1000 Gauss) is placed on any given area of your body, two things can happen:

  1. Nothing. In this case, the Biomagnetism Therapist will move the magnet to a different place. 

  2. The patient's body will exhibit a physiological response (e.g. a functional leg length discrepancy). In that case, it is considered that the tissue or area that is affected by the magnetic field created by the magnet is out of balance. When that happens, the Biomagnetism Therapist leaves the first magnet in place and searches for a correspondent point of imbalance on the patient's body. The correspondent point will be such that the placement of a magnet of the opposite polarity on this correspondent place induces a correction of the functional leg length discrepancy. These 2 correspondent areas or points are called a "Biomagnetism pair". 

Throughout the Biomagnetism session, few or several pairs of magnets may be placed on the patient's body with the purpose of promoting healing by regaining balance, enhancing flow of body fluids, detoxifying and increasing tissue functionality.

How many magnets should be placed on the patient's body?

Every patient is unique, and so is the amount and the nature of the points of imbalance that each one of us exhibits. The role of the Biomagnetism Therapist is to screen the patient and address as many (if possible ALL) points of imbalance that are expressed by the patient's body.

Depending on the therapist's skills and background, the screening can consist on a basic Biomagnetism screening method (this involves holding the client's feet throughout the screening process) which is a slower screening. The Biomagnetism Therapist can also utilize methods such as Applied Kinesiology to help determine the place where the magnets should be placed, this is a faster method, allowing for a more complete and effective treatment. 

All the magnets, including the ones that were placed last, need to stay in place and act on the body for a minimum of 25-30 min. That is why, the Biomagnetism Therapist will stop the search 30 minutes before the end of the session. During the rest of the session, the magnets will allow the body to regain balance. After the session, the patient's body should no longer express the existence of points of imbalance at any of the points that were addressed during the session.

From a Biomagnetism Therapy perspective, what does a point/place of imbalance represent?

The points of imbalance are an indicator of suboptimal state and tissue functionality. Points of imbalance may be linked to a too acidic (H+) or too alkaline (OH-) environment. When the tissues lose their optimal pH (very close to neutral), the tissues loose efficiency and functionality and this environment becomes a fertile ground for pathogens and dis-ease. Virus, bacteria, parasites and fungi will be thrilled in this environment and will have more chances to develop and reproduce.

Pathogens contribute to dis-ease and dysfunction. How? They use our resources, produce metabolic waste (toxins), cause tissue damage, swelling, pain and feed more complex conditions. A single type of pathogens can already affect our body in a significant way, but a combination of them (a cocktail of virus, bacteria, fungi and/or parasites living in symbiosis) can certainly contribute to further dis-ease and more severe, chronic conditions.

Have you ever wondered why in the same family, some people are never sick, while others tend to be often sick? Pathogens are everywhere. But some people have healthier body-mind units. Usually, those are the type of patients that exhibit few or barely any points of imbalance. When the body is in balance and the tissue functionality is close to an optimal level, the conditions are not ideal for pathogens to develop. In this case, the body will more likely fight them and win the battle without the host even noticing it.

Can magnets heal?

The truth is, the magnets do not heal, the body does heal on its own. The body has a natural ability to heal. However, when we waste our resources (e.g. musculoskeletal imbalance and movement inefficiency), when our food is not nourishing, when stress and poor sleep are our bread and butter, when we become a host of pathogens that poison and overwhelm our systems, when we do not listen to our body... then the natural healing processes can become a very difficult task for our body to accomplish.

Helping the body regain a healthier state by addressing and correcting points of imbalance can be extremely beneficial. In that sense, we can certainly say that Biomagnetism Therapy contributes to health and well-being.

What are the effects of a Biomagnetism session?

The effects of a Biomagnetism session vary depending on factors such as level of body awareness and complexity/severity of the condition.

  • Our healthiest patients (the ones having healthier habits, a peaceful state of mind, a positive nature and strong immune systems) report feeling more energetic, being more aware of their dreams and/or experiencing more vivid dreams after a Biomagnetism session and during the subsequent days/weeks. They do not experience any (or barely any) symptoms of healing crisis. These clients utilize Biomagnetism Therapy for preventative purposes.

  • Patients experiencing a certain degree of imbalances (some inappropriate habits, some aches and pains, some tissue/organ dysfunction, suboptimal level/quality of sleep, some digestive issues, some stress and dis-ease in their life) tend to report a mild to moderate healing response (healing-detox crisis). Symptoms usually last 8-24 hours and can include one or few unusually big bowel movements, the need to drink lots of water/tea, the need to sleep in, take a nap or simply spend the next day relaxing and allowing their body to detox and heal. After the healing crisis, and during the next weeks, they report feeling more energetic and "cleansed", they experience a less troubled digestion and they tend to experience a more positive nature and a more peaceful state of mind. They also tend to have more vivid/weird dreams. These clients request Biomagnetism Therapy sessions with the purpose of promoting healing and well-being.

  • Patients suffering from more severe, persistent, chronic or systemic conditions affecting one or several aspect/systems (digestive, cardiovascular, lymphatic, musculoskeletal, nervous, immune, poor sleep, dysfunctional breathing, persistent stress response, etc.) tend to experience a strong healing crisis. Symptoms can last from a few hours to a couple of days and may include a series of unusually big bowel movements or a mild diarrhea, headache, feeling nauseous or vomiting, feeling very thirsty and above all, they feel the need to sleep a lot. After the healing crisis, these clients usually report feeling more energy, less digestive troubles, feeling lighter, a more peaceful and positive state of mind, less muscle tension/pain, increased body awareness and over all, an improved condition. They also report having more vivid/weird dreams. These patients request the Biomagnetism Therapy sessions with the purpose of regaining a healthier state and enhancing well-being.

Who can benefit from Biomagnetism Therapy?

Most people can benefit from Biomagnetism Therapy sessions. However, as a preventative measure we do not place magnets in the surrounding area (1') of insulin pumps, pacemakers or any other installed electronic device(s) or ferromagnetic object(s) such as screws, plates, staples, and others. Also, we DO NOT provide Biomagnetism Therapy services in the following cases:

  • if you are pregnant or suspect that you may be. However, you are more than welcome to experience the benefits of our Manual Osteopathic sessions.

  • if you received or are undergoing chemotherapy/radiotherapy or if you will be receiving these types of therapy in the near future.

What to expect from a Biomagnetism Therapy session

Before the session:​

  • Completing the Health History and Consent forms.

  • You will be asked to take all your jewellery/metal accessories off.

  • Your electronic devices should stay away from you (in your purse) and unless few exceptions, they should be turned off or on silence mode during the length of the session.

​During the session:​

  • Magnets will be placed in specific areas of your body showing imbalances. 

  • Few clients feel nothing. Most patients feel extremely relaxed and feel cold and/or warmth in different areas of their body. Some feel a flow of something that feels like energy, muscles activating and then relaxing, waves of mild, mixed sensations through their body, etc.

  • Magnets need to stay in place for a minimum of 25-30 minutes. The length of the session is 90 minutes.

  • Habits, lifestyle, poor posture, dysfunctional breathing or movement pattern and lack of musculoskeletal stability can be at the origin or contribute to musculoskeletal imbalance, pain, discomfort, physical limitations and dis-ease. Our Biomagnetism Therapy sessions may be supplemented with Osteopathic treatment, recommendations and guidance to help improve posture, create more efficient movement patterns, adopt more appropriate habits and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

After the session:

  • The patient should not continue drinking from the same container (glass, mug, cup, bottle) he/she was drinking from prior to the Biomagnetism session. These containers need to be washed thoroughly before they are reused. If possible, utilize glass, porcelain or stainless steel containers, plastic tends to be more porous and thus, it is more difficult to wash thoroughly. 

  • In most cases, it would be preferable if the patient could replace their toothbrush (for a new one) after a Biomagnetism session. If you are planning to undergo a series of Biomagnetism sessions, we suggest you purchase a package of inexpensive toothbrushes since you will need to discard one after each session.

  • Like in many other therapies, the healing process can be accompanied by detox-like symptoms also known as a "healing crisis", please read about the effects of a Biomagnetism session above. As a general rule, the more complex/chronic the condition, the higher the chances to experience the symptoms of a healing crisis. Symptoms can include mild fever or diarrhea, sleepiness, nausea and headache. We suggest you rest, drink lots of water/healthy fluids and allow for toxins to leave your system. If you experience a healing crisis, please let us know and stay in touch. Most healing crisis fade within 24 hours.

What to bring with you and what to wear?

  • Please bring your mouth guard, in case you use one.

  • Wear comfy clothes (yoga type shirt and long pants).

  • Bring a snug but comfy light sweater with a front zip, a tuque, a pair of gloves and a second pair of socks. They may be utilized to secure the magnets, in case we need to place them on the skull, fingers, feet, toes...

We would like to share with you some interesting information and science-based research on the effects of Static Magnetic Fields on cell, tissue and body functionality. Enjoy!

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