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- an Osteopathic approach to healing -

What to expect


Forms & Assessments


  • Forms: Prior or during your first visit, you will be required to complete a series of documents, including a Health History intake, treatment goals and consent forms. Please bring any X-Rays, MRI or other diagnosis that are relevant.

  • Posture, movement &/or flotation assessment: Depending on your condition, you will be asked to stand, sit, perform certain movements, or simply float. The way the body positions and moves while floating in a "gravity-free" environment reveals a lot more than you think! If further examination is required, you will be invited to book a session at the office.


Hover on the following 3 boxes to learn about the ideal progression of a session or series of sessions. 

If you need a different approach, please let us know.

1. Muscles, Tendons & Facia


1. Addressing soft tissue dysfunctions. 

  • Purpose: Improving areas of hypertonicity, imbalance, myofascial adhesions, ischemia, or "muscle knots".​ Regaining more symmetrical and optimal muscle tone.

  • Techniques: A wide variety of Massage Therapy and more specialized soft tissue techniques will be utilized, including Fascial release, Lymphatic Drainage, Neuromuscular Facilitation, Trigger Point Therapy, Somato Emotional Release, some Osteoarticular Mobilization, Visceral Manipulation, etc.

  • Notes or considerations: When applied to healthy tissues, these techniques do not elicit pain, however, pain or discomfort may be experienced with suboptimal conditions. Let me know if you are simply looking to have a relaxing & introspective experience. I may be able to adapt the session to your needs.


2. Joints, Bones, Ligaments, Lymphatic & Facial Systems


2. Addressing lymphatic, deep fascia, and skeletal restrictions, limitations or misalignment. 

  • Purpose: Improving skeletal misalignment/imbalance, as well as dysfunctions within joints, lymphatic & fascia systems.

  • Techniques: A variety of Osteopathy and Naprapathy techniques may be utilized, including: Lymphatic Stimulation, Joint Mobilization, Joint Play, and Oscillatory techniques.

  • Notes or considerations: This stage tends to be less painful and more relaxing and enjoyable than the previous one. 

3. Visceral, Craniofacial & Introspective


3. A finer and more introspective work.

  • Purpose: Facilitate healing by promoting peacefulness, introspection, self-awareness and exploring deeper aspects of our body-mind unit.

  • Techniques: This is the ideal moment for the application of more specific and "fine tuning" techniques, such as Cranial & Craniofacial Osteopathy, Somato Emotional, and diaphragmatic breathing techniques.

  • Notes or considerations: These fine tuning techniques are most effective when applied after addressing overall musculoskeletal imbalance, muscle tension and other somatic dysfunctions. However, if your intention for your session is simply to have a relaxing & introspective experience let me know. I may be able to adapt the session to your needs.


Head Massage_edited.png

Many patients feel immediate relief following the Manual Osteopathy sessions, but as in all therapies, there can be other effects to treatment, including but not limited to, healing crisis (detox-like symptoms) and/or muscle soreness (similar to that felt after some forms of exercise) typically fading within 24 hours. Muscle releasing techniques may also cause discomfort during a few days, until the structures regain a healthier state.


Rock Balancing

We are excited to have teamed up with PhysiApp to help you stay consistent with your prescribed Home Routines! I hope you will take advantage of the mobile app or website customized especially for your condition so we can continue your healing journey together. The use of PhysiApp is free of charge for our clients.


Your Home Routines are essential for your return to health and wellness by:

 - Reducing unnecessary muscle activation. 

 - Improving posture.

 - Promoting healing and a more efficient use of the body resources.

 - Nurturing mindfulness. This is crucial, since a purposeful and mindful expression of ourselves is at the foundation of a healthier body-mind unit.

Be sure to set reminders in the preferences tab on the App to remind you to do your Home Routines at least 3x per day.


  • Practice your Home Routines as if your healing and recovery depended on it, because it does.

  • Integrate your Home Routines into your daily activities, rather than having to stop your activities to do your Home Routines.

  • After your initial visit, book an appointment (it can be a short one) to show me how well you are practicing and integrating your Home Routines into your busy life. Perhaps you are trying too hard and The Thread is causing your neck or shoulders to tighten? Perhaps you are digging at the wrong place with the tennis ball? We want to make sure that you are doing things correctly and your time and efforts are worth it.

  • If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me via email. Often, it is possible to clarify your questions via email, without the need of booking a session.

  • Last but not least:

May The Thread be with you all the time.

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