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Are my postural muscles doing their job?

A deficient motor control can cause poor posture, back pain, organ dysfunction/atrophy, repetitive strain injuries and other chronic conditions. The most frequent reasons for a loss of motor control are injury, restricted mobility, a sedentary lifestyle and prolonged/repetitive tasks. 

The following tests will help you identify insufficiencies at the most fundamental level of motor control of your spine. In other words, you will be testing the activation and control of your postural muscles. If you experience any pain while doing these tests please stop and consult a health practitioner. You will need a wide mirror or a friend giving you cues and recording your movements. We recommend you use a yoga mat and wear comfy, snug fitting clothes.

Interesting common fact:

You don't need to be athlete to have optimal motor control of your spine.

On the other hand, you can be super fit and yet exhibit insufficient motor control at the level of your postural muscles. 

The Spine Flexion Test and Spine Extension Test are under construction...

Thank you for your patience!

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