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1) Tai Chi Moves

2) The Thread

3) Internal Unity

4) The Hip Joints

5) Pelvic Activation

6) Breathing

7) Relaxation

8) When in Doubt



- an Osteopathic approach to Tai Chi -

Classes at the Silver Threads Services

For reservations, please contact the Silver Threads Services's


Victoria Centre
Advanced class

Tuesdays, 11:00am

November 1st - December 6th

January 10th - February 14th, 2023

February 21st - March 28th, 2023

During the Advanced class we will:

  • Use the Tai Chi moves learned in previous levels to create sequences.
  • Practice Move Hands Like Clouds, Fair Lady with Kick, Parting Wild Horses and Turn Around to Sweep Lotus.

  • Use mindful breathing and pelvic activation to enhance our Tai Chi practice.

  • Practice Our Tai Chi Set.


Note: Please practice the Tai Chi moves, sequences and Our Tai Chi Set at home. You will find instructions and videos on and on our YouTube Channel “Postureffect”.

Saanich Centre
Beginner class

Mondays, 11:00am

October 31st - December 5th

January 9th - February 13th, 2023

February 27th - April 3rd, 2023

During the Beginner classes we will learn the Foundations of Tai Chi and will practice:

  • The concepts of Thread, Growling and Internal Unity.
  • Tai Chi moves and sequences, such as Walk, Kicking, Brush Knee, Single Whip, Ward of Monkey.

  • The beginning of Our Tai Chi Set (about 1/3 of the full set).


Note: Please practice the Tai Chi moves, sequences and the beginning of Our Tai Chi Set at home. You will find instructions and videos on our Tai Chi concepts, moves, sequences and Our Tai Chi Set (in parts) on  and on our YouTube Channel “Postureffect”.


Tai Chi classes at the Silver Threads are available for those 55+.
If you are 18+, we have another option for you.


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Interested in purchasing this courses?

Contact us.

Tips for a Home Tai Chi practice


  • SURFACE: Practice on a flat, non-sticky surface (e.g. hardwood or laminate flooring). Try to avoid carpets, yoga mats and gym flooring, they are too unstable and/or sticky.


  • SHOES: Favour shoes having a flat AND not too grippy sole. When shoes stick too much to the floor, it becomes hard to rotate on the heel or ball of the foot. This causes unnecessary strain at the level of the knee.

  • SUPPORT: If you need support, a sturdy wooden chair will offer the stability needed during your supported practice while providing a flat, frictionless surface to glide your thighs/buttocks during your seated routine.

  • BODY AWARENESS: While practicing on your own, listen to your body and only move within a pain-free range of motion. The practice of Tai Chi should not cause pain or discomfort, except for the "after-gym sensation" that you may experience if your muscles are undergoing the process of getting stronger ;)

  • WHEN IN DOUBT: If you are unsure Tai Chi is the right practice for your specific condition, please talk to your physician and get his/her approval and/or recommendations prior to starting or continuing with your practice.

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