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When the seed turns into tree.

May I interrogate your mind? Thank you. So, mind… do you have a purpose in life? And if so, what is it?

Hmm… is your mind taking too long? Does your mind not know, or used to know and not anymore? No worries, that also counts as an answer. In fact, there is no good or bad answer. What I find interesting is how different your response is compared to others. The marvellous uniqueness of your mind creates dreams and purposes that are exclusive to you, and only you.

A “wholistic” approach.

To Osteopathy, your unique mind with its particular dreams, desires and purposes is but a little portion of you. Your spirit and body complete your whole self. In other words, from an Osteopathic point of view, these three aspects fuse in a single entity that you perceive as yourself. In this sense, the conjunction of this body-mind-spirit triad translates into your existence as a living human being and their dissociation marks the end of what you perceive as your person or your human life experience.

Furthermore, from an Osteopathic philosophy perspective, everything is in constant interaction and deeply interrelated. In that sense, every structure in our body, every cell, tissue, gland, vessel, organ, valve, fluid, system and so on has an essential role to play in the body processes. That explains why a tissue dysfunction has the power to disturb the rest of the body structures, affecting the body processes and troubling your state of mind and spirit. To resume, the wholistic nature of Osteopathy describes the person as a body-mind-spirit unit and within it, every part is significant and interrelated.

Osteopathy has been around since the late 1800’s, nevertheless most of us still go through life having a very incomplete perception of ourselves, thinking that our person is just “our body” and assuming that our parts can function disregarding or ignoring the rest of our body. Yes, we tend to have a very narrow perspective of our existence. We limit ourselves to what we think we know. However, taking the part for the whole would be like considering the canvas as the master piece itself, without the need of the paint and the artist. Don’t get me wrong, the canvas is important, but the master piece is much more than that.

The bits inside the pieces of the-bigger-picture.

It is true that dissociating the whole into its bits and pieces has its advantages: it brings simplicity to the complexity of our fascinating nature. Studying the bits inside the pieces has played an essential role in research and is a common trait found in sciences and more specifically in allopathic medicine. I am so grateful for the detailed knowledge and understanding created by the study of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and science in general.

Focus and dissociation are like magnifying glasses. They are certainly useful tools, however they can only offer a quite narrow view of our nature; small parts of the-bigger-picture. When it comes to observing and trying to understand the processes that happen within the body as a whole, and not just as a collection of pieces, the knowledge and information gathered using narrow angles and magnifying glasses needs to be supported by a more global and unifying perspective, hence the importance of embracing a wholistic Osteopathic approach.

A path for my purpose…

As a child, I wanted to know all about the human body and was certain that one day I would become a medical doctor and surgeon. My parents were enchanted with the idea, even if they always did their best to avoid prescription medications for the family. When I was 18, I had to take a medication -perhaps for the first time in my life- for a condition affecting my eyes. Some weeks later, as an effect of the medication prescribed by the ophthalmologist, an ulcer developed in my smooth intestine. The GI specialist told me that kind of secondary effect was very common and there was nothing to worry about. He prescribed more medication -but this time to treat the ulcer- and I was sent home. Wait a second, really? So, treating one part while messing up with others is common and nothing to worry about? That really made little sense in my young head.

I hadn’t lost my purpose. I still wanted to know all about the body structures and processes and use my knowledge to help people. But suddenly I was not so sure studying medicine was the path I wanted to take. First, I felt disappointed. Then I felt lost. Lost somewhere inside my own self. I left the family home at age 20, and allowed for other cultures, languages and people to help me grow as a human being. Eventually I discovered that when the mind has a clear purpose, it slowly finds its way to it, sometimes without you even realizing!

I believe there is always a reason for things to happen, or not.. As a health practitioner, I am happy for not pursuing a career in medicine, but I am grateful others did. Instead I decided to enlighten myself through the study of Osteopathy. And I am delighted! The more I study Osteopathic-related philosophy, principles, courses and topics, the more I learn about myself and the more amazed and humbled I am by nature’s beautiful complexity and its parallel simplicity.

As my parents did, I try to keep my family safe from the unnecessary use of medications. I am certainly not against them, but there is not a single day that passes without my wishing that the pharmaceutical industry was in less greedy hands. However, I am learning to choose my battles. In regard to medications, the truth is the healthier we are, the less we need. With a focus and persistence on prevention, my services include a strong instruction component that offers awareness on topics such as the “wholistic and interrelated” nature of our person.

Not all seeds turn into trees.

Awareness is one of my favourite words, because it is the starting point of every positive change leading to a healthier state. Yes, awareness is like a seed, a seed of change, a change for the better. I am aware that not every seed turns into a tree. Some clients don’t bother taking the awareness seed, some others take it, put it in their pocket and forget about it or get distracted and lose it on the way home. However some take it home, sow it, water it, take care of it and by exerting self-responsibility, they allow the little seed to become a magnificent tree that in return will offer them shelter, beauty and nourishment... or should I say prevention, healing and a healthier state of body and mind.

I believe everybody should have the opportunity to grow skills, knowledge and behaviours that will eventually turn into prevention, healing and improved health. As well, everybody should be encouraged to discover awareness and practice self-responsibility. As I said, not every seed turns into a tree, but when that happens that makes me feel grateful and fulfilled. It reinforces my trust in nature and makes me cherish my existence and embrace the path I am following.

What about our body?

In a subsequent blog I will gladly share with you more about the Osteopathic philosophy and some cues to a healthier life. For now, I would like to finish by asking another question. May I interrogate your body? Thank you. So, body… do you have a purpose in life? And if so, what is it?

Interesting. Unlike your mind, your body has the same purpose as every other human body on the planet. Did you know that?

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