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Postureffect: The effects of a body in balance

When it comes to health, balance is a key word.

Homeostasis is our body’s tendency to seek and maintain balance. Through homeostasis, our internal body regulates levels of glucose, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hormones, ions… Most of these internal processes are not noticeable to us and yet, without that internal balance we would simply die.

Our Musculoskeletal System also craves for balance. Bones, ligaments, tendons, skeletal muscles, joints, cartilage and connective tissue work as a team to provide structure, protection, strength, mobility and among other things, store chemicals and minerals that are fundamental to life. Imbalance within those structures will inevitably affect us. However, Musculoskeletal conditions caused by muscular imbalance tend to develop at a very slow pace, so slow that the body has the time to adapt without us being aware. As a result, it can take us years to present signs and symptoms associated to one or multiple conditions.

Most of the time, it is possible to reverse and heal from a condition caused by overuse and muscular imbalance, like tendinosis, Tension Headaches, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Upper and Lower Crossed Syndroms, Pronator Teres Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and so on. However, without guidance it is almost impossible to change poor postural habits and reverse the natural process of adaptation and compensation.

If you have ever been tormented by a condition caused by improper body mechanics or postural imbalance, you will know it is a blessing to have access to an effective treatment. However, our most successful clients are not the ones spending more money in therapies, but the people willing to understand the causes of their condition and acting to follow the path to health. Our guidance enabled positive changes in posture and enhanced self-awareness as we co-corrected and co-created healthier body mechanics.

The benefits of a structurally sound posture are numerous and often profound.

Think of the arch of a bridge. The arch is designed specifically to support an incredible amount of load. Any flaw could spell disaster. Our body behaves the same way. Our spines have a curvature that enables the weight lifter to elevate the heavy bar above their heads and the African tribespeople to carry up to 70% of their own bodyweight on top of their heads… but only if posture is sound.

Posture is far more important to the human body than just supporting the weight of the world on our shoulders. It is fundamental to the prevention of Musculoskeletal conditions and their potential toward chronic illness.

Then there are the less tangible benefits – the mind and the spirit. With a healthy posture our eyes are elevated, even if just by a centimeter or two, but our perspective of the world changes. The mind feels more empowered and confident while the spirit finds it’s “aha! moment”. We see the world slightly differently and the world sees us, undoubtedly, with a touch more respect. Can a healthy posture enable enlightenment? Perhaps not, but our body, mind and spirit are intrinsically connected and each affects the others.

Embodied Cognition: A bridge between the tangible body and the depths of ourselves.

In the physical sense, posture can be defined as the way our nervous system controls the muscle in our bodies to position bones in a determined configuration. In a spiritual sense, Posture is the way we project the “idea of ourselves” into the world around us. It’s our “residual self-image”, our “character”, in a sense, our fundamental personality.

The bridge between these two worlds is a two-way passage. You and I have been crossing it in both directions from the time our baby mind realized it had toes. In one direction, your current mood will influence the way you stand, walk or sleep. In the other direction, your body position will influence your state of mind. This relationship is called “Embodied Cognition”. The ability to use Embodied Cognition in a positive way is a powerful tool for good.

Postureffect: The effects of a body in balance.

Postureffect Inc. was established to help you master the Art of Embodied Cognition and experience the benefits of adopting and adapting to a healthier posture. At Postureffect, we are deeply passionate about the healing processes of body, mind and spirit. Our most profound desire is for you to understand that embracing the positive effects of a healthy posture and body mechanics is priceless.

Enjoy the journey. You may inspire the world around you.

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