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We are sorry, we no longer offer sessions in Sidney. We are in the process of updating our locations on Google map. Thank you for your patience!


Please click on "Book Now" and book your session at one of the following locations:

  • 1655 Ash Rd, Victoria (Gordon Head)

  • 6341 Old East Rd, Victoria (Central Saanich)


For more details, please click on "Locations" (main menu).

Zero Gravity


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Jaz Ibarra

Doctor of Naprapathy

Connective Tissue Specialist

DN (USA), BSc in Osteopathy (Spain), BFA (Belgium), Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma (Canada)

Member of the Federation of Alternative Medicine, College of Registered Manual Osteopaths,

Canadian Naprapathy Association and Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada.

Naprapathic Medicine


Naprapathy, finds its roots in Osteopathy and Eastern Europe manipulative practices. This wholistic discipline addresses all body systems and, especially the Fascia and other Connective Tissues. Naprapathy was created in the USA in 1907. During the following decades, Naprapathy spread through Europe and deepened its roots in the Scandinavian countries, especially in Sweden where the first Naprapathic College outside the United States was founded in 1970. To know more, click here.

Naprapathy is regulated in the USA and is well established in Northern Europe, where the profession has been part of the Swedish health and medical care system since 1994. 

We are proud to be the first clinic in Canada offering ZERO GRAVITY - Napraquatic Medicine services. At Postureffect, we are passionate about providing therapy, instruction and guidance. Your wellbeing is our motivation to constantly innovate.

To offer you a multidimensional healing experience, we partner with like-minded specialists. Like us, they focus their skills and knowledge in their individual field while embracing the "wholistic" nature of our body-mind entities. 

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