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Tai Chi

for golfers

Zoom and in-person

​​All our Home Routines are excellent for golfers. They provide the foundation for proper posture, organ function and efficient movement. 


The ultimate guide to perfecting your golf swing. Dan Smith, founder of Birdies Crazy Golf  "put together this ultimate guide to perfecting your golf swing... packed full of hints and tips that will help you get your swing where you want it to be." He also highlights "errors that might be getting in the way of your progress, helping you to save time and focus on getting it right the first time." Enjoy this great article.

How Pro Golfers Stay Fit During Quarantine "...we wanted to take a look at how professional golfers are maintaining their physical readiness while quarantined at home.  Like most golfers, they can’t access their gyms, but are able to improvise.  Here are a number of programs from professional golfers that represent a diversity in training environment and training objective." 

Reverse Spine Angle and Back Pain. Lance Gill [Titleist Performance Institute] demonstrates a simple exercise that will help improve your Reverse Spine Angle.

No Gym, No Problem: At-Home Training Ideas From The TPI Community 

Jon Rahm's Daily Movement Prep

Why Early Extension Causes A Reduction Of Power In The Golf Swing Early extension is often related to weakness or suboptimal activation of the deep abdominal muscles and the muscles of the pelvic floor. These are very important postural muscles. Improving activation and control at the level of these structures not only helps regain a healthier posture but also contributes to more efficient and functional movement and as a result improves dysfunctional swing characteristics, such as early extension.

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