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"As a sculptor, Osteopathy was but a dream. 
As an RMT, it became a clear objective. 
It now serves as guidance and a passion.
I love the way Osteopathy fuels and drives
my most ambitious goals and continuous research.
More than a practice, Osteopathy is a philosophy and a lifestyle."

- Jaz Ibarra. DN, BSc Ost, BFA, DMT

North American vs European Style Osteopathy

Osteopathic Practitioners practice European Style Osteopathy and as such, perform Postural/Orthopaedic assessments and treat their clients with Cranial Osteopathy, Visceral Manipulations, Osteoarticular Traction, Joint Mobilization and other Osteopathic Manual Techniques. Unlike Osteopathic Physicians*,  Osteopathic Practitioners do NOT prescribe drugs, provide medical diagnosis or perform surgery.

* Osteopathic Physicians in BC are registrants of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC (CPSBC). Jaz Ibarra is not a physician and thus, she is not a registrant of  the CPSBC.

What is European Style Osteopathy?

European Style Osteopathy is purely and merely a Manual Practice. Amongst the most effective paramedical therapies, it is usually described as one of the safest, drug-free and non-invasive options.

From an Osteopathic philosophy perspective, everything is in constant interaction and deeply interrelated. In that sense, every structure in our body, every cell, tissue, gland, vessel, organ, valve and fluid, has an essential role to play in the body's functions and processes.


That explains why a particular dysfunction has the power to disturb the rest of the body-mind-spirit unit, affecting "seemingly unrelated" structures and feeding or cheerleading "apparently distinct" 

conditions. It is why discovering the source of dysfunction is the keystone of Osteopathy, as its detection is paramount to a successful treatment.


Symptoms such as pain, numbness, exacerbated sensation and discomfort are our body's desperate attempt to express trouble or dysfunction. The solution does not reside in masking them. Instead, they are clues that can guide the perceptive to the source of the issue. Once the origin of the dysfunction has been addressed, symptoms will naturally diminish and vanish.

"As a kid, my dream was to become a detective. Through the winding path of life, I find my dream realised, 
European Style Osteopathic Practitioners are the
Sherlock Holmes of Health Care."

Osteopathic Preventative Care

At Postureffect, our premise is PREVENTION. Our Osteopathic preventative sessions, programs and group classes seek to improve posture, sustain optimal mobility and maintain efficient body function and movement. 

We deeply believe in the power of awareness, instruction and self-responsibility. Combined, they allow our clients to play an active role in their healing processes and help them enjoy a healthier and more fulfilled life.

"There is an artist living inside you... 
may we give you the tools and guidance 
that will allow you
to sculpt your own well-being?"

Osteopathic Philosophy and Principles

Practicing an Osteopathic Philosophy is embracing the fusion between the "wholistic and boundless" aspect of our nature and the detailed study of our bits-and-pieces by Anatomy, Physiology and several other branches of science. 

The more I learn, the more I feel humble. Osteopathic Principles state that our bodies have the intrinsic wisdom and ability to adapt, defend and look for balance. The main goal of a therapeutic intervention is to facilitate healing, by creating the optimal conditions needed for the natural processes to happen.

"May we help you prevent, maintain, recover,
heal or feel better?"

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